Sycamore Sushi Serving Board

Simple sycamore sushi serving or dining boards with pair of matching chop sticks. Handcrafted by DayDreams Factory.
It’s hard to wait for the photographer to finish before eating the props.

Simple Sycamore Sushi boards are designed for serving and dining. Each board features a wood-burned line drawing of a tuna, one of our favorite sushi meats.

We designate them sushi boards but they can just as easily be used to serve other foods such as charcuterie, cheese, fruits and more.

Simple Sycamore Sushi boards are finished in OSMO Top Oil, a hard wax oil that adheres to strict German food safety standards. Its ingredients include soy, thistle and sunflower oils and carnauba and candelilla waxes. Vegan friendly.

Bevels along the bottom of the boards make them easier to pick up. Other thanthat and a bit of sanding, we left the wood fairly fresh-from-the-saw. We intentionally allowed boards to show a moderate amount of tool marks, grooves and notches as part of the natural aesthetic of each piece. Simple. We include a pair of complementary chop sticks with each board. The sticks are also made of sycamore, however, while the boards, with proper care, could conceivably last for generations, the sticks are less likely to; we don’t guarantee them; we include them because it’s fun. They are finished with walnut oil.