One-cup capacity lidded vessel handcrafted from weathered oak salvaged from a century-old barn near Frederick, MD.

Barn Beam Lidded Vessel #5

This one-cup capacity lidded vessel is the fifth in a series of turned pieces made with wood salvaged from a 100-year-old barn.

While exposing the beauty of the interior of the beam from which this piece was taken, we also left a portion of its weathered exterior, nail marks and other stains. An antique hand-cut nail salvaged from a century-old house works as the lid pull or finial.

The photos above show the vessel at quarter turns. Each displays a different grain pattern and in some cases figuring and/or medullary rays.

Each vessel in this series in finished in Dr. Woodshop’s Walnut Oil, as food safe a finish as we know of. The vessels have many uses in kitchen, dining room or as a stand-alone display.

The barn beam lidded vessel will draw a lot of admirers.