Handcrafted old oak lidded vessel with antique nail finial.

Barn Beam Lidded Vessel #4

Fourth in a series, this turned lidded vessel was made with wood salvaged from a 100-year-old barn near Frederick, MD.

The photos above show the lidded vessel at different quarter turns. Each turn displays changes in grain pattern and sometimes figure and medullary rays.

The rim of the vessel retains the weathered exterior face of the century-old barn beam from which is was cut. Internal functional capacity is about one cup.

The lid pull or finial is an antique nail salvaged from a century-old house in Maryland. We pulled it (and many others) from a massive central support beam – 8×8″ thick and 22′ long.

The color of this long-seasoned, heavily weathered oak is bound to attract admiring gazes from everyone …. and every thing?
Yup. Every thing.