woodturned lidded vessel made of oak from a 100-year-old barn.

Barn Beam Lidded Vessel #3

This lidded vessel is the third in a series made with wood salvaged from a 100-year-old barn near Frederick, MD

While exposing the marvelous grain and figuring beneath the surface, we endeavored to keep as much of the weathered character of the piece as possible.

The lid pull is an antique hand-cut nail extracted from a massive support beam salvaged from a century-old house in Maryland. The beam and the nails share about the same working age.

The vessel is finished with Dr’s Woodshop Walnut Oil, which is as food-safe a finish as we can find. It leaves the wood with a natural feel much as if it had been sanded and left at that.
In the kitchen, the vessel has any number of uses, as salt cellar, fruit, nut, or sauce server, to name a few. It adds character to dining room settings. Or it can serve as a striking display on coffee table, mantle, bookshelf or nightstand.

You never know what you’re going to get when someone offers “free wood”. In this case, we traveled to the location of a recently disassembled barn thinking we might need to make several trips with the pickup. When we examined the piles of wood, it was clear very little would be salvageable.

Each quarter turn of the vessel exposes new lines, grain pattern and in some cases figuring and medullary rays.

What few pieces of the barn were solid enough to withstand the rigors of turning, proved better than we expected. Chips, nail wounds and staining could be considered defects, but we think they preserve this history and long decades of labor the old oak endured.

This vessel’s functional internal capacity is about one cup. We can only guess how much history it holds.

Third in a series of handcrafted lidded vessels made from the salvaged aok beam of a 100-year-old barn near Fredierick, MD.

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