Barn Beam Lidded Vessel #1

Weathered oak reveals its beauty in handmade lidded vessels

An old barn torn down in Frederick County, MD. We pick through piles of heavily weathered and often rotted wood. We bring the few promising pieces to the shop.
As suspected, the beams were oak. They performed 100 years of service supporting a farm structure. Now the wood finds new work as a lidded vessel.
The vessels work well as salt cellars, spice boxes — anything that fits in a container of about 1 cup capacity. They also serve as displays on mantels, shelves and as centerpiece features.
All the pieces in this collection were turned by hand on a Delta midi lathe in the basement of a 100-year-old farm house.
The lid pulls (finial) are antique handcut square nails taken from a 100-year-old house in another MD county.
Old oak barn beam becomes beautiful handmade, turned lidded vessel with antique nail finial.
We like everything about these pieces. Their history, long decades hidden away yet exposed to the elements, gaining beauty and depth of color. They are finished in heat-treated walnut oil, as food safe a finish as we know of. Apologies for the photobombers. Apparently we’re not the only ones who find this vessel attractive.